Saturday, June 15th Fathers Day and Juneteenth Weekend
Hosted @ Breezy Point Yacht Club
Amityville, NY

2nd Annual

Black Boat Summit


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Black Boaters

The purpose of the Black Boaters Summit is to provide a space for Black boaters to come together, network, and celebrate their shared love for boating and water-based activities. The dock meetup will offer an opportunity for attendees to connect with other Black boaters, exchange ideas and experiences, and learn from industry experts.

Attendees can engage in meaningful dialogue and learn about boating best practices and promoting diversity and inclusion in the boating industry.

Black Boat Summit

See you at
Black Boaters Summit?

Community Networking

Participants have an opportunity to network and connect with fellow attendees. Even take advantage of education and training programs for boaters.

Life on the Water

What is better than living, laughing, and loving life on the water? Food and beverages and live DJs will be provided to keep the vibes right for Juneteenth.

Black Representation

Black Boaters play a large role in today’s boat scene. By celebrating Juneteenth on the water, we are honoring the contributions and accomplishments of Black boaters and highlighting the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the boating industry.

Where is the Black Boaters Summit?

The second annual Black Boaters Summit will be located at the Breezy Point Yacht Club in Amityville, NY. More details to come on dock number and main events that will take place, including boat side chats and networking socials.

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